Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Dentist, Even if you Have Good Teeth

There is a common misconception that you only need to go to the dentist when you have a problem. Unfortunately, that is the worst tactic you can take when it comes to dental care. It leads to more expensive and more extensive dental treatments, not to mention the pain and suffering that can result when you wait until something bothers you.

Some people have “good teeth” and think this means that they do not need routine dental care. Here are a few important reasons that everyone needs to see a dentist regularly.

Early Dental Problems are “Silent”

Without having consistent dental check-ups, you actually don’t really know if you have good teeth. Most people make that assumption because they do not experience pain in their teeth. The problem with that theory is that most early dental problems do not cause any symptoms. This means that cavities and gum disease can grow and worsen without your knowledge.

The only way you can be sure that you do, in fact, have good teeth is by seeing a dentist for a professional evaluation. The only way to keep them “good” is keeping up with consistent professional teeth cleanings and any preventive dentistry your doctor recommends.

“Good Teeth” Often Change with Age

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There’s no way around it, routine dental care becomes more important as you age.

Some people are banking on their historically “good” teeth lasting the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, just as with the rest of our bodies, the health of our mouths changes with age. Many people take prescription and over-the-counter medications that lead to a dry mouth, which greatly increases the risk for dental diseases like cavities and gum disease. Teeth that have functioned well for decades may become susceptible to cracking and chipping due to those long years of wear and tear.

Another risk factor that changes with time is your ability to properly clean the teeth. As we age, it becomes more and more difficult to perform consistently great oral hygiene. Investing in regular dental care helps counteract these negative side effects of aging.

Two Words: Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer word board
Early detection is the most important factor with treating oral cancer.

This is perhaps the most important reason to seek regular dental care: it could save your life. Oral cancer has a very high survival rate . . . when it is caught early. Without early detection by a dental professional, many people do not find oral cancer until it has already spread to lymph nodes. This metastasis greatly reduces someone’s chances of survival.

The Oral Cancer Foundation recommends that every single person receive an oral cancer screening at least once every year by a dental professional. With early detection, you not only increase your chance at survival; you also make less aggressive treatments more effective. In its earliest stages, oral cancer can be removed with surgery alone. As it grows, more aggressive treatments are necessary to improve your chance of survival, including radiation and chemotherapy. Detecting oral cancer early may help you save vital parts of your jaws and facial structures.

More Questions about Why You Should See a Dentist Regularly?

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